We have worldwide maintained the reputation that our loudspeakers resemble excellent music instruments with state-of-the-art technology and design of highest grading. The development, testing and manufacturing of the materials we use are subject to our strict standards of quality, fit and durability. Every single component is carefully selected for optimum performance and the longest product life possible. Our horn speakers have an instinct for excellence based on decades of innovation and thoughtful design, merging into our unique transducer systems intended to bring your music to life.


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450 hyperspherical horn


She combines elegant aesthetics with an accurate acoustic performance. With its precise and rich, dynamic bass, she is, despite her slender physique, a perfectly tuned musical instrument for every genre taste. She knows where she wants to go – and how to arrive there first.


We manufacture the BassoNobile from noble materials and with the greatest attention to detail. We design, develop and manufacture every component by ourselves to meet the highest demands. With this speaker, we combine a homogeneous, authentic sound with a dynamic powerful playback.

620 hyperspherical horn

Cellini i HighCecilia i Campanile

A revolutionary catalyst in loudspeaker design: Our slender and shapely 620 model line is crafted from the finest components we’ve created in over 40 years of experience in designing loudspeakers. The large 620 mm hyperspherical horn transmits four octaves without tonal colouration, going hand in hand with the hereditary virtue of highest dynamics.

780 hyperspherical horn

Atlas i Apollon i Hyperion

A statement of uniqueness. It sets the audiophile standard par excellence: our 780 horn series. With comprehensive innovations, our undisputedly leading models in the premium segment are now going to take the next step. Our big 780 systems are born out of the sheer love of music. They pioneer the art of avant-garde loudspeaker aesthetics by at the same time representing the design language of the progressive Bauhaus style.

Acapella Classics

Triolon Excalibur i Späron Excalibur

Thoughts are born, ideas are thought through and know-how is taken by us to extremes. We have developed the most innovative technologies, increased efficiency and enhanced the level of performance. And yet, we did not embark upon this path to put knowledge, skills and pioneering spirit in the foreground, but to make this very special feeling even more tangible: the absolute enjoyment of listening to music. We give you the promise to always go one step further, to make the technically feasible in an inimitable way come true, to create exceptional speakers for exceptional people and to guarantee sensual experiences of a very special kind.

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