NEW musical reproduction, with only one standard of comparison: Live music. + HYPERION The Acapella Master every musical performance, enjoy every moment. + principle CELLINI The aesthetics of the particular. + 45 years of fascination Timeless and contemporary. + for loudspeakers


For over 45 years, we have been dedicated as a loudspeaker manufacturer to the goal of bringing music in all its facets and inspiration closer to people. To this end, we lovingly craft speakers from the world’s best components, tuned as complete instruments to serve as ambassadors of the music.




Music is an essential part of our emotional quality of life. It becomes authentic and immediately tangible by playing musical instruments. In music playback, on the other hand, music is often “managed” by devices …


45 years of fascination speakers. Our Acapella speakers stand for the realization of a unique musical dream. Since our foundation, we have been considered worldwide by Hermann Winters and Alfred Rudolph …


Our horn speakers have an instinct for excellence based on decades of innovation and thoughtful design, merging into our unique transducer systems intended to bring your music to life…


We have worldwide maintained the reputation that our loudspeakers resemble excellent music instruments with state-of-the-art technology and design of highest grading. The development, testing and manufacturing of the materials we use are subject to our strict standards of quality, fit and durability…

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