Capital Audiofest 2019 – The largest analog event on the East Coast

CAF 2019 is right around the corner on November 1-3 so get ready for lots of great audio equipment, seminars, live music and tons of vinyl at the Rockville -Hilton Hotel. Consider staying a few extra days to see the DC sights!

Company report: Acapella Audio Arts – In other spheres

Most audiophiles are probably familiar with acapella, not least from the well attended and successful presentations at the relevant HiFi fairs in Bonn, Krefeld or Munich. Perhaps this visit to the company will also reveal something about the future of the traditional manufacturer who boasts, not without pride, that he is the inventor of the spherical horn. Although not all sound transducers of the Duisburg company are adorned with such a horn, it might pass for an unofficial trademark of Acapella Audio Arts.

Reference rarity: The legendary Sphäron Excalibur from Acapella Audio Arts

How far can precision, plasticity and coherence of the image be perfected? An answer to these questions can be marvelled at in Duisburg: Here the world-famous horn loudspeaker manufacturer Acapella Audio Arts is currently presenting its extremely rarely built Sphäron Excalibur.

Acapella Audio Arts: Sphäron Excalibur

Three years ago in the showroom of Acapella I could experience that with a poseydon you can get closer to the dynamics of a concert than even the most spoiled hifi fan can dream of. With the sound converter currently installed there, the distance between reality and illusion is said to have become even smaller. And you can hear it for yourself!

Acapella BassoNobile – Musical wonder horn

Horn loudspeakers offer a very special fascination: they are sounding sculptures that immediately captivate the listener with their direct response and power of representation. One of the most renowned horn specialists is located in nearby Duisburg, and because Acapella Audio Arts materializes the lightness of sound throughout with heavyweight transducers

Acapella Campanile 2 – Ringing flame, fascinating horn

Outstanding horn loudspeakers – that is what Acapella Audio Arts is world famous for. Many of the sound transducers from the high-end manufacturer have a second, equally fascinating star: the ion tweeter. Without a diaphragm, alone with a plasma flame, it generates sound. This miracle work is also performed in the Acapella Campanile 2

Acapella Audio Arts – Horn specialist and high end pioneer

Acapella Audio Arts in Duisburg: This high-end manufacturer produces exceptional transducers for customers all over the world. The hand-made creations are sometimes of cabinet size – but all of them are of reference level. The lite magazine has entered the fascinating world of audiophile horns.

TEST: Acapella Harlekin MK II – The audiophile fun maker

They can also be different: Acapella Audio Arts, famous for room-filling high-end loudspeakers with horn attachment and ion tweeters, also manufacture sound transducers without these trademarks – and still achieve excellent reproduction with these apparently conventional loudspeakers.