Horn technology


Our horn speakers have an instinct for excellence based on decades of innovation and thoughtful design, merging into our unique transducer systems intended to bring your music to life.


We have been the technology leader in designing and manufacturing horn speakers for almost 50 years. Moreover, we are the inventors of the spherical horn. In the audiophile world nothing comes to the heart of our speakers. The pinnacle of our knowledge is the new, patented hyperspherical horn, which allows listening at the highest sonic level and guarantees an exciting musical experience.


The spherical horn concept was created in 1978 in cooperation with the University of Aachen. Unlike conventional horns, our spherical horn radiates sound waves in a spherical shape. This corresponds to the ideal principle of the one-point-source. The shape of our horn combines the extreme dynamics and speed of a nearly massless diaphragm with the efficiency of a horn, without creating distortion or tonal discolouration.


The pairing of our extraordinarily fast diaphragms, which produce signals only via slight excursions, with the horn itself and amplifying them through the funnel shape results in extremely fast impulses and sets new standards in authentic music reproduction.


We value the highest quality and attention to detail. Our double-walled, glass fiber reinforced horns filled with resonance-damping materials represent the feasibility of loudspeaker design up to this day.




Day by day we tirelessly attempt to push the boundaries of what’s possible. The limits of our own performance. And those of our loudspeakers. We design, we develop, we try out. We learn to master rules. We pave this path in order to always go one step further and leave conventions behind.


Our new, patented hyperspherical horn takes it even one more step further. It is the capstone of our expertise. This asymmetric horn extends beyond the 180 degree horn opening of the classic spherical horn shape. In addition to the elegant and elaborate appearance of this design, there are also significant technical advantages. The transmission range of our hyperspherical horn increased from the usual three to now five octaves. Minimal distortion and tonal discolouration, which usually emerge at the end of the frequency ranges of the classic horn technology, are a thing of the past with this new horn design.


Because the music signal is now transmitted over a much larger frequency band with maximum dynamics, the sound is even more natural. That’s why the hyperspherical horn can be precisely combined with other drive units. This applies to our woofers as well as to our ion tweeter.


The processing quality of the elaborate resonance-optimized designs reflects highest craftsmanship expertise and makes our hyperspherical horns unique. With them, we are in the process of writing history in the world of hi-fi.

Ion Tweeter


We have always crossed borders to set new standards in terms of spatial high frequency imaging. With our ion tweeter we have created a milestone. It is a truly unique work of art in its advanced technology and breathtakingly fast and open sonic performance.


Our ion tweeter is the dream of every speaker manufacturer. The massless diaphragm generates the fastest possible high frequent signal without any delay. Through a pulsating plasma flame, we excite the air, creating a musical signal that embodies the world-wide reference system for high-frequency reproduction in terms of transparency and audibility. For that, our ion tweeter uses an electric arc to transmit the music signal to the air at the speed of light.


When it comes to intensify the depth, clarity, and realism of music by combining advanced acoustic technology and strategically positioned drive units, a speaker designer must discover new and unconventional paths. This is our conviction. Our ion tweeter sets us clearly apart from all other systems. With it, every striking of the piano keys, every plucking of the guitar strings, every tone from a horn instrument, every chorus, and every melody evolve with accuracy and texture, as intended by the artist.


As a premium manufacturer, our team of experts is fully focused on deepening and personalizing the relationship with our discerning customers – with musical experiences that will delight you all your life.



Our loudspeakers stand out from the crowd. Our timeless design enhances the efficiency of the sonic performance, originating from extensive computer simulations in which aesthetics and the highest level of acoustic rendition are the most important parameters. Clear lines emphasize the elongated shape.


The art of harmoniously matching all high-tech components in our loudspeakers columns to each other is not an easy task. In the end it’s us, who aspire to listen to an ideal authentic music signal. Our role model is the one-point-source. Just like it occurs in nature. It’s a composition of overtones and undertones, superimposing themselves in different octaves and being played back in absolute time coherence.


We have worldwide maintained the reputation that our loudspeakers resemble excellent music instruments with state-of-the-art technology and design of highest grading. The development, testing and manufacturing of the materials we use are subject to our strict standards of quality, fit and durability. Every single component is carefully selected for optimum performance and the longest product life possible.


From the positioning of sound-emitting diaphragms, through complicated electronic circuit design, to the use of resonance-optimized materials, we rely on our unsurpassed craftsmanship and groundbreaking innovations unparalleled in the audio industry.


Why are we striving for this meticulous diligence and pursuing absolute perfection in development and production? Music can change your mood, awaken memories and affect your well-being. It can cause you either goose bumps or tears. That’s why music and its lovers work so well together. Listen to your favorite singer, band or favourite composer. It’s your room. Your world. But what if you could do more than just listen to music? What if you could feel it, experience it and immerse into it? How about amplifying your relationship with music and enjoying a more immersive acoustic experience in your listening environment? On our end everything is about the absolute musical experience – the feeling of being in the middle of the event. Our loudspeakers are designed exclusively for your emotions.


Music is a key element within our emotional quality of life. It becomes authentic and immediately tangible by playing musical instruments. In the world of music playback, on the other hand, music is being often “administered” by devices …


45 years of fascination for loudspeakers. Our Acapella loudspeakers stand for the fulfilment of a musical dream unique in its kind.Since being founded 45 years ago by Hermann Winters and Alfred Rudolph…