Acapella Audio Arts | BASSONOBILE
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BassoNobile black acryl & horn BricoRed



We manufacture the BassoNobile from noble materials and with the greatest attention to detail. We design, develop and manufacture every component by ourselves to meet the highest demands. With this speaker, we combine a homogeneous, authentic sound with a dynamic powerful playback. And that in close conjunction with a tangible three-dimensional imaging. No matter where the BassoNobile strikes up, it instantly plays the starring role.


Two tightly coupled woofers and the laterally positioned 450 hyperspheric horn make the BassoNobile a mere myth already due to its construction. It offers the time-coherent spatial imaging of a one-point-source by providing greatest possible powerful dynamics troughout the whole frequency range. The bandwidth of the hyperspherical horn, comprising the full scale of five octaves, allows for the BassoNobile to effortlessly reproduce the entire mid and high frequency range with speed and accuracy, while the low-frequent area leaves nothing to be desired. We aim to achieve individual top-class performance, constantly striving for perfection. Beauty and elegance are the attributes that grace the BassoNobile. While playing, nobody can escape its magical charm. The fantastic stages that she projects into the room always demand for the next encore.

Technische Daten

gesamt. Übertragungsbereich: 30 Hz - 25 kHz
Bass 30 Hz - 600 Hz
Hochton 600 Hz - 25 kHz
Bass 2 x 10" Treiber
Hochton 1 x 1" Treiber - Hypersphärisches Breitbandhorn
Wirkungsgrad 93 dB/1W/1m
Impedanz 8 Ohm
Maße (HxBxT) ohne Horn 1620 x 360 x 620 mm
Maße (HxBxT) mit Horn 1620 x 520 x 710 mm
Gewicht 110 kg
Belastbarkeit 100 W - 1000 W / 10 ms Impuls
Preis auf Anfrage