La Campanella acryl black & horn in pearl beige



Finally, the LaCampanella has joined our Acapella family. Equipped with the new hyperspherical horn technology, she explicitly stands for more enthusiasm and highest dynamics in every listening space.


She combines elegant aesthetics with an accurate acoustic performance. With her precise and rich, dynamic bass, she is, despite her slender physique, a perfectly tuned musical instrument for every genre taste. She knows where it wants to go – and how to arrive there first.


Her hyperspheric horn transmits a full four octaves, compared to the otherwise three octaves common for horns. Thus, the entire mid and high frequency range plays effortless, fast and precise. The low-frequent tasks are handled by four woofers operating in parallel, performing like a single large one thanks to their intelligent coupling concept.


We reinterpreted the legendary style icon LaCampanella for a contemporary appearance. She is now even more capable of souvereignly translating electrical signals into musical excellence. A better LaCampanella in her second generation equals better music. Sometimes you just have to set priorities.

technical data

transmission range 25 Hz - 25 kHz
bass 4 x 6,5" driver
high frequency 1 x 1" driver hyperspherical wideband horn 450 mm
efficiency 93 dB/1W/1m
impedance 8 Ohm
dimensions (hxwxd) without horn 1300 x 265 x 530 mm
dimensions (hxwxd) with horn 1450 x 450 x 610 mm
weight 82 kg
capacity 100 W - 1000 W / 10 ms impulse
price on request