Hermann Winters

Alfred Rudolph

45 years of fascination speakers


Our Acapella loudspeakers stand for the fulfilment of a musical dream unique in its kind.


Since being founded 45 years ago by Hermann Winters and Alfred Rudolph , we are considered one of the world’s technology leaders among manufacturers of horn loudspeakers. We have set milestones in development with the ion tweeter and the spherical horn. Both developments secure us unique selling points compared to our competitors. The ion tweeter is the first light-as-air system that excites the air via a massless plasma flame and generates sound without tonal discolouration. This makes it clearly superior to all other conventional designs. The spherical horn doesn’t colourate as well and impresses with a highly dynamic sound. With great success, our products have been presented the first time to both public and a worldwide audience at the IFA consumer electronics fair in Berlin.



The charm of the extraordinary


In the 1980’s we get started as “Acapella Audio Arts”. Many exceptional speakers that meet the highest requirements in terms of sound, technology and design, shape this phase of creativeness. In addition to the ion tweeter ION TW1S (“S” for spherical), the product range already includes the speaker models Fidelio, Triolon, Celestron, Celesta MK 2 and 5th Avenue. We busy ourselves intensively with time-coherent systems, resulting in outstanding creations such as the exceptional transducer Sarastro, which is still used today in renowned recording studios as a reference system.



The aesthetics of the particular


Out of this wealth of ideas, the models Violon and Campanile are created in the newly occupied production premises in Duisburg. The first-mentioned represents our best-selling system with over 1,000 sold units. The latter, the Campanile, is now being offered in its fifth generation and has accompanied many of our customers for almost 30 years. Both loudspeakers continue to set standards in terms of sound, technology and design. Their foundation is grounded on a timeless idea that has retained its youthful freshness. And that’s because our continuous further developments offer even customers of the first hour upgrades to the current status. So every new generation of Violon and Campanile is a new start for an even better version. Ownership periods of several decades are not uncommon among our customers. It is important to us that our loudspeakers represent dreams that are achievable and have a long-term validity.



Innovation with passion


Since the turn of the millennium, the resonance optimization of electronic and mechanical components has become our focus in the search for the best possible sound. Elaborate measuring methods prove the positive sonic effect on the playback quality. Among other things, bases for speakers and electronics are the results of this work and lead to the awarding of numerous patents. Another result of our relentless thirst for research is the hyperspherical horn. The transmission range increases from the common three octaves of “normal” horns to now over five octaves by at the same time providing a distortion-free spatial imaging. All technical parameters are optimized and lead to a much better sound in every respect. A new generation of loudspeakers is born.


An Acapella speaker is not an everyday speaker. But a speaker for every kind of music.


It is not only the passion for designing loudspeakers, the will to perform, the urge for precision, the pursuit of superlatives, but also the sense of aesthetics and the sense of functionality that characterize our loudspeaker creations. All our fields of knowledge now converge into one another better than ever: architecture, electrotechnical knowledge, resonance optimization, material expertise, knowledge concerning spherical and hyperspherical horns and ion tweeters. All of this following the dream of the best loudspeaker, to which we get a little bit closer with every idea day by day.



The Acapella principle


Wthin the current hyperspheric horn series we follow a plan, an ideal that unites us all at Acapella. The principle being to get the maximum out of the given possibilities. Because it’s very much about the intelligent way to convert electrical signals into speed and musicality. Out of the Violon arises the Cellini, out of the Violoncello the Cecilia, and out of the Campanile the Campanile 2. Above these models ranges our top series with Atlas, Apollon and Poseydon . All of them are more instrument than loudspeaker – and ambassadors of music. This statement sums up everything that matters to us. As a brand. As a company. As a speaker manufacturer. (Die obigen Modelle auch mit Verlinkung zum Produkt möglich)



Tradition is obligation


For more than four decades, we have been moving forward with a great sense for performance and passion – and with a lot of impetus. Always developing new models. Incoporating more and more innovation. And craving for more and more musicality. And that’s how our future will look like as well. Richard and Robert Rudolph have joined the company management by bringing in their young and fresh know-how. They grew up in the tradition of Acapella Audio Arts. The enthusiastic guitarist Richard has been a valued member of the Acapella mothership for more than ten years. He follows in the developer footsteps of his father Alfred.


Together we work daily on new and exciting products for our worldwide customers. With masterly craftsmanship, quality materials and an aesthetics of lasting validity.


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