Acapella Audio Arts | ACAPELLA
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Thoughts are born, ideas are thought through and know-how is taken by us to extremes. We have developed the most innovative technologies, increased efficiency and enhanced the level of performance. And yet, we did not embark upon this path to put knowledge, skills and pioneering spirit in the foreground, but to make this very special feeling even more tangible: the absolute enjoyment of listening to music.



Music is a key element within our emotional quality of life. It becomes authentic and immediately tangible by playing musical instruments. In the world of music playback, on the other hand, music is being often “administered” by devices …





45 years of fascination for loudspeakers. Our Acapella loudspeakers stand for the fulfilment of a musical dream unique in its kind.Since being founded 45 years ago by Hermann Winters and Alfred Rudolph…






Our horn speakers have an instinct for excellence based on decades of innovation and thoughtful design, merging into our unique transducer systems intended to bring your music to …